Santi - He has had experience working with dogs for more than a decade. He started joining a search and rescue team with his dog, then continued doing dog training courses and seminars and in 2008 he worked as a dog trainer for 2 years in his hometown till he moved to London in 2010 and set up Paws-Up Roser - She has worked with all kinds of animals, from dogs to sea lions since 2010 giving her enough experience to be in charge of various animal projects and teaching future dog trainers.
Experience and courses Experience and courses
2011 on-wards Dog Trainer and dog walker (London)

November 2017 5 day of the World of detection dogs

October 2017. "The nose knows" with Claire Guest and Pat Tagg

August 2017 "Teach my pet". (Trick training) With the School of Canine Science

July 2017 1 day Seminar "Injecting fun to your classes" with The School of Canine Science

June 2017 2 day detection dogs seminar with Steve White

May 2017 2 day Dog to dog Aggression seminar with The School of Canine Science

December 2016 Offered Full Membership with IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers)

November 2016 1 Day Proprioception seminar with Sam Turner

November 2016 Puppy fundations with IMDT

November 2016 2 Day assessment with IMDT

October 2016 Abnormal repetitive behaviours with IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) United Kingdom

October 2016 6 day Advanced dog training and Behaviour with IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) United Kingdom

July 2016 4 day practical instructor course with IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog trainers) United Kingdom

March 2016 2 day career as a dog trainer with IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) United Kingdom
July 2015 on-wards, founder of Inkanimals. Animal behavoiur training.
July 2015 Think Dog Certificate accredited by the Open Collage Network
United Kingdom
September 2013-July 2015 Dog training manager at Dogs Assistance council School Temuco, Chile.
June 2015 20 skills a dog trainer must know seminar with Roger Abrantes
United Kingdom
January 2012- May 2013 Sea lions trainer in BuinMarino, Chile. The tasks were; training sea lions for medical behavior, show performance and puppy training. prepare diets, cleaning facilities and water treatment.
November 2013 Canine first Aid Course (London) May 2011-January 2012 Animal welfare manager of Fundación Amigos del hombre, Chile.
June 2010 Seminar on canine aggression led by Takoda ( February- March 2010 Volunteering at BuinMarino, Chile, care and feeding sea lions puppies at the rescue center.
February 2010 Puppy Seminar focused on the period of being newborn to 4 months, led by Nicolas Planterose January - October 2010 Working at the zoo BuinZoo, Chile, in Animal-assisted Therapy and Animal Welfare departments, tasks where enrichment and medical training for animals..
July 2009 Canine Instinct Seminar led by bluenitdogs June- December 2009 BuinZoo Volunteer at the zoo in the Animal Welfare department, working in the training of wild animals (jaguars, grizzly, bone Malay, tigers, wolves, leopard, African wild dogs and lions)
2008-2009 Working as a Dog trainer focusing in simple obedience and behavioural problems (Catalonia) June- December 2009 Volunteer in the Zoo BuinZoo of Chile, in the Animal-assisted Therapy department. Training animals (dogs, ferrets, rats, iguanas, rabbits, chinchillas, parrots, tortoises, hedgehogs earth and guinea pigs) and collaborating actively in preparing and conducting therapy sessions.
2008-2009 7 months Bocalan Asistance Dog Training Course July 2008- April 2009 Dog trainer
Experience as a teacher, trainer and exhibitor
July 2008 5 day Dog Training Course led by Jaime Vidal ( 2013-2015 training workers, volunteers and host families at the Assistance Dogs School in the city of Temuco.
July 2008 Calming Signals Seminar led by Nicolas Planterose 2012 and 2013 training workers of BuinMarino, Chile.
May 2008 Click to Calm Seminar led by Karen Pryor and Emma Parsons 2011 Instructor of Volunteers at the Fundación Amigos del Hombre, Chile.
2005-2008 Member of the Dog rescue Unit Osona (Catalonia) 2011 Speaker at the Animal-assisted Therapy, by the Foundation canis, Chile.

2007 Attended the 2nd k-9 International onference (Portugal)

2006 Attended the First K-9 International Rescue Conference in Tarragona (Catalonia)2007 Attended the Second International Rescue Unit Conference in Braga (Portugal)
2011 Exhibiting at the Workshop of Responsible Ownership of Exotic pets for teenagers by Edupet, Chile.
Check out our latest articles here. 2011 Speaker at Animal-assisted Therapy by Bocalan Confiar of Chile and the Universidad Mayor, Chile.

We are based in North west London and we are covering these areas for:

Dog Walking
Kensal Green, Kensal Rise, Queens Park, Willesden, West hampstead, Hampstead heath and Hampstead suburb areas

Dog Training
Same as above and Balham, Earsfield and Clapham South