Dog Training

We offer one-to-one dog training classes such as basic obedience, puppy training, separation anxiety, socialization and low-level aggressive behaviour.

We use dog-friendly techniques that focus on building a good relationship between the owner and the dog. Humans and dogs have very different body languages and when we ask our dogs to do something, our body tells them to do something else. This is when both dogs and us get frustrated and behavioural problems can occur. We therefore teach how to become aware of our body language in order to give a clear message to the dogs and build a happy relationship.
In our dog training sessions we focus on socialization, mental stimulation, play and body awareness; ensuring we build you a super dog

We have different options and packs of training such as, puppy training, 1-2-1 dog training or our newest service "walk & train" Contact us explaining a bit of your dog, what you need and we will get back to you with different options. Training sessions are tailored to suit needs and requirements of you and your dog.

Areas covered:

North West London
  • West Hampstead
  • Hampstead
  • Queens park

South West London
  • Earsfield
  • Balham
  • Clapham South

Classes are given according to your dog’s needs and are usually held in your house or neighbourhood
Click here to watch some sessions on youtube

£50 per session

Dog Walking

If you don’t already have one, most families would love a dog at home. The love and affection you receive from a dog is like nothing else, however they do require lots of attention and care. One particular reason why so many people don’t have a dog is because they work full time, leaving the dog at home all day. Dogs need to be walked daily, and by investing in dog walking, you can rest assured that your dog will be entertained, healthy and loved. For dog walking in Queens Park, look no further than Paws up.
Every dog needs daily exercise and fresh air. Not only will it keep them entertained, but it’s vital for their health and well-being. Here at Paws Up, we let dogs have the freedom they deserve. We offer a variety of packages such as 1 hour walks for 1 day a week, 5 days a week, and even an all-day special.
What’s more is that our dog walkers only walk a maximum of 6 dogs at one time, giving your dog the attention it deserves.


1h walk (2x1h walk available)
We come and pick your dog up from your house, we go to the park and we let the fun begin! After 1h of fun we will bring your dog back to your house. Choose from 1,2 or even 3 walks a day!!! Morning, Midday and Afternoon

1 walk a day £16
2 walks a day £26
*if you have a giant dog we charge £2 extra

All day out!! (only for the super fit!!!)
If you have a super fit dog and you think 1h or 2 is not enough we will have your superdog all day! 9:30am to 4pm

5 days a week £35 x day
4-1 day a week £38 x day

Pet Sitting

Going on Holidays? Don't panic! With Paws-Up you can be sure your friend will be happy while you are away. We can stay at your house, so your pet will still enjoy her/his favourite couch, walk on the same streets or look out from the same window.
We feed them, we walk them we play with them, we stroke them.. and we can take care of the mail and plants too.

£20 for 2 hours
£45 for 24 hours
15% when booked for more than 7 days

Cats, rabbits etc,
£11 for 30 minutes
£35 for 24 hours
15% off when booked for more than 5 days

*bank holidays double